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Residential water system

Conditioned water results in:

 • Stain-free fixtures

 • Stain free household items (i.e. dishware and clothing)

 • Sparkling dishes and glassware

 • More efficient and longer lasting appliances

 • Odorless water

 • Enriched look and feel of hair and skin

 • Less time spent on personal care

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Take advantage of our wide range of services

Keep your family safe and healthy with a new water filtration system. You can expect our friendly and detail-oriented staff to work with you one-on-one in selecting the best solution for your home.

Experience the benefits of pure water

Whether you are on well or city water, our services guarantee custom-built systems that are tailored to fit your family’s needs, along with installation and routine maintenance.

Wonder just what is in the water you drink and cook with? You can rely on us to help you find out.  Simply allow us to take a water sample from your home to our drinking water lab right here in Macon, and you will receive an analysis from our seasoned analysis specialists.

Our residential services include:

 • Water Softeners

 • Iron Filters

 • Bacterial Systems

 • pH Neutralizing Systems

 • Bag Filters

 • Reverse-Osmosis (RO) Ultra Pure Drinking       Systems

Water system maintenance Residential water system Residential water system Residential water system Residential Water Treatment

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